We're out to create a world where all parents can afford care for their kids.

How we work

By sharing our revenues with our users and empowering them to use those payments towards their childcare costs, we help lower the cost of care for families.

You can cash out at anytime with bank deposits, Paypal, or Venmo for a small processing fee or you can spend your #CREWCoins (for free!) inside the app with childcare providers who have opted into receive CREW payments for their center or services.

The more you add your friends and the local childcare options in your area, the more you get paid! Your share of CREW's revenue goes up based on the number of friends you enroll, check-ins to your favorite providers, and records both you and your friends add to our database.

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It all starts with community.

Crew turns every iphone and android into an opportunity for businesses to make social impact and parents to achieve financial freedom. We'll pay your childcare bill - no other care network can tell you that.

CREW Childcare Rewards App aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Source: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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COVID-19 Educational Resource List

Much of what’s happened in the last few weeks since the outbreak of Covid-19 has put us all into uncharted and unventured territory, many of us are suddenly, and without warning: homeschooling.  But never fear!

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Childcare solutions

Childcare Problems and Solution

Childcare is hard to find in many areas, and the information available is not always consistent, updated, or correct.  Although there may be government or nonprofit programs to can subsidize the cost of childcare, not every family

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