CREW is Building a Community of Parents

Being a parent is one job we all love, but sometimes the task of figuring out just how to take care of our kids can be quite the head-scratcher. We  parents tend to over-research online, join forums, max out our groups lists, and frequent uncomfortable playdates with other parents in order to find our tribe.

At CREW we strive to build a strong network of parents who share information about their childcare providers while being incentivized to do so. They’ll get to share reviews and check in for credit towards their childcare bill – changing the way their household bills are paid. They’ll get information from other parents that they might not know about in a friendly, exciting, and supportive online platform.

Part of our vision is to provide a platform for small businesses centered around childcare services who are struggling to capture online attention and build on their customer base. Our website is a platform built to lessen the burden of childcare expenses while powerfully supporting childcare centered businesses in their outreach efforts.

Our ultimate goal is to attract millions of parents so that with our assistance they can form the largest childcare network that actually pays them to use it.

Despite our enthusiasm about our noble project and our best of intentions, we know that a lot of people might be hesitant to join our community: We will win your trust with transparency and economic opportunity.

It makes sense to spend your time writing reviews that pay you.

With your help, we can create a database of care centers and reviews that will serve as a resource center for parents around the country. You’ll be paid for each record that you create, and a share of ad revenues from each business that opts into our marketing and advertising features. You’ll get credits for referrals, reviews, and check-ins, too!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

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